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Evangelism Fuel- Motivation to Evangelize:  Does it seem like your evangelism light has diminished? The wonder and beauty of Jesus forms the basis of a bright witness of Jesus Christ in this world. This type of witness requires the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to be unleashed in us. It is not something that we can produce in our own strength. The Holy Spirit must be freely moving in us to produce a life that experiences the power and person of Jesus Christ. As we come in contact with His glory in this way, we will have much reason and motivation to testify to the wonder of Jesus. This book is written in a devotional style with short, heart-felt meditations that can be read in just a few minutes each day. These meditations are intended to help believers understand the supernatural work God calls them to do and motivate them to seek and experience God’s glory in it.    (110 pages in paperback format- $ 5.95,  Kindle version $0.99)

The Way to Heaven- The Difference Between Islam and Christianity: Like many people, you may be under the impression that the Bible and the Koran generally teach that to get to heaven, a person must achieve a certain level of “goodness” by doing more good things than bad things. In reality, each teaches an opposing view about the way to heaven. This book is written to explain the difference between these two messages while attempting to explain how most Muslims think about this matter. Tom Bear has been an evangelical Christian since 1975. During the past several years, he has spoken with thousands of Muslims face to face, one on one, at great length about their understanding of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is based upon this experience and his understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This book is an excellent gift for any Muslim who is open to learning the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. (100 Pages in paperback edition- $ 4.45,  Kindle version $0.99) 

How to Evangelize  (Bringing Back the Gospel):  An exegetical treatment on how to evangelize like Jesus and His Apostles. Witnessing through gospel evangelism is key to effective evangelism ministry and biblical evangelism. This book provides evangelism training so that the reader will be an effective witness for Christ. This book will help the reader avoid common pitfalls and adopt a biblical foundation for spreading the gospel. Tom Bear has been proclaiming the gospel to the Muslim population of Dearborn, Michigan, face-to-face for many years. This experience, combined with his attention to the teaching of the Bible makes this book a must read for all who are serious about evangelism. (Paperback version 180 pages, contact Stones Cry Out Ministries,  Kindle version $ 3.99)

Bring My Sheep Back! (Church Discipline, the Loving Way) presents a candid framework for the process of restoring Christians that stray. Most of the books that deal with this subject approach it from the standpoint of solving conflicts between Christians. Bring My Sheep Back is founded on Jesus’ teaching to put the interests of the straying Christian ahead of our own desire for immediate relief of pain caused by the one caught in sin. Personal observations along with much attention to biblical instruction produce a very useful and thorough resource for church leaders and lay people who desire to restore Christians trapped by sin. This book warns against dependence on man-made approaches to solving relational problems. Whether it involves private sin or public scandal, or even cases that involve the governing authorities, biblical principles are taught as foundational to the process of restoration. (130 pages in paperback edition $ 9.95,  Kindle version $ 2.99)

Overcoming the Powers of Darkness -Using God’s Spiritual Armor. It is the goal of our enemy to lull us into an apathetic, lukewarm spiritual existence. To obtain the abundant life, we cannot sit back passively and wait for God to spiritually zap us. We must engage in spiritual battle. In his epistle to the Ephesians, the Apostle Paul used imagery of a soldier’s armor. Some have suggested that we engage in spiritual battle by mentioning the various pieces of this armor in a daily prayer. This is not true. Paul was teaching about spiritual principles that we must employ as a way of life. This book examines these spiritual principles and provides strong exhortation to increase our desire to live the abundant life that Jesus offers to us. (133 pages in paperback edition $ 7.49,  Kindle version $ 2.99)

The Christian and Habitual Sin:  Jesus said that He came to give abundant life. Does this characterize your life? Or does it seem like you are in bondage to sinful attitudes or behaviors? The Apostle Paul warned that people whose lifestyles are controlled by sexual addiction, substance addiction, habitual overeating, jealousy, hostility or anger will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (See Galatians 5:19-21.) These behaviors and attitudes directly contradict the life Jesus came to give. Anyone whose life is dominated by them cannot have peace if he is a Christian. The author was at one time addicted to very powerful drugs and sexual sins but has found deliverance through Jesus Christ. He wrote this book to help other Christians gain sustained deliverance through the application of biblical instruction, not based upon theory, but proven through his own experience. It is intentionally brief so it can be read in less than one hour. This book is a helpful counseling tool for pastors and good to give to any Christian struggling with habitual sin. (60 pages in paperback edition  $ 4.95, Kindle version $ 0.99)

Christian Marriage:  This book provides biblical principles that if applied, will result in harmony in the marriage and glory to God. Some will undoubtedly say that many problems in marriage are far to complex for such a short book to address. It is the premise of this book, however, that the source of all problems in Christian marriages are the result of failure to live as God has taught us to live in His Word. If a Christian couple lives in accordance with God’s principles described in Christian Marriage, true harmony is guaranteed.  (Kindle version $ 0.99)

The Local Church: Most pastors wish that the members of their churches would grow and flourish more. The church members often sense that God has purposes for them but they don’t know what He wants them to do. They often end up playing the role of an unfulfilled spectator. The Local Church examines the early New Testament Church and its teachings for answers to this universal problem. It demonstrates how certain unbiblical attitudes and traditions exist which cultivate this unhealthy spectator mindset. The Local Church challenges leaders and “laypeople” to identify and discard these unbiblical attitudes and practices that stifle spiritual health. This book asserts that if the pattern of the early New Testament Church is followed today, Christians will mature at a greater pace and experience fulfillment as active participants in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. (160 pages in paperback version, contact Stones Cry Out Ministries,  Kindle version $ 2.99)

Birth Control: A Spiritual Shackle– Did you know that before the twentieth century, the Protestant Church boldly spoke out against the practice of birth control? They were opposed to any act of man that interfered with the natural order of procreation. Men such as John Calvin, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Arthur Pink and Augustine were vehemently opposed to birth control. Today, Birth control is not just tolerated, it is embraced by the Protestant Church. Why has the Protestant Church changed its position? Is it possible that Christians living before the twentieth century were all mistaken? Why did they take a stand against birth control? Is it possible that the church of the nineteenth century was better equipped to discern right from wrong? Using six biblical arguments, this book demonstrates that birth control is a worldly practice that opposes God’s will for His people, violates the marriage covenant and is an attack on the very character of God. (70 pages in paperback version $ 5.99, Kindle version $ 0.99) Click this to see a letter that R.C. Sproul wrote about this book.


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