Ministry to Liberians

2021 Liberian Orphan Ministry update: The 2020 COVID 19 pandemic affected millions of people in Liberia causing many people to become homeless. Many people are now living in the bush. We have a connection with a pastor living among them and Patience (DBF member) has known him for many years. These Liberians in the bush have come together as a community and are trying to care for each other and the many orphans among them. Patience and this DBF ministry are engaged in supporting them. There are now over 500 orphans receiving help through this ministry. God has shown His power. Within 6 months, an eight-room school building has been constructed and is nearing completion. Starting January 4, 2021, classes began for the orphans.

To see photos and read more about this ministry to the Liberian people and orphans in the bush, click this link.

The following information predates 2020 and documents the Orphan ministry prior to the Covid 19 pandemic.

One of the members of Dearborn Bible Fellowship is Patience Marhaba who migrated to the United States a few years ago from Liberia. We met her while we were going door to door not long after she came to the U.S. Since then, God has caused Patience to grow in faith and she is a faithful member of Dearborn Bible fellowship. For several years, she has been sending money to Liberia to support orphans under the care of her mother Eliza.

In Liberia, there are no welfare programs. When parents die, their surviving children must fend for themselves on the street. The Ebola crisis (a few years ago) caused severe economic downturn in the country. There are thousands of homeless children that roam the streets.

During the past several years, Eliza has cared for between two and four orphans at a time. (If she opened her doors to all children, she would be completely overrun.) In addition to the orphans staying with Eliza, other children show up asking for food all the time. Eliza feeds them and they are sometimes allowed to stay a day or two.

The money used to support this orphanage ministry comes from a variety of sources. Eliza has a home business preparing food for the locals. They grow some of the vegetables on her property. In addition to the extra support from Patience here in the U.S., some Christians associated with this ministry occasionally give as the Holy Spirit leads them. About half of the potential proceeds from the home food preparation business is being consumed by locals who show up very hungry. (Eliza often provides a meal to people who show up.) Click this to watch a 3-second video.

With the financial support from Patience and those who hear about it through this ministry, there are now more orphans staying with Eliza. They are shown in the photograph on this page. During the past several years, Patience has been funding the construction of a second, and larger house, on Eliza’s property. Though it is still not fully finished, it is now inhabited by the orphans.

Patience has two sisters that live in Liberia and stay on the property. Their hearts are invested in this work. They are servants of Jesus who take joy in serving Him. One of the sisters recently moved into the Orphan house with her husband to consolidate resources. We are encouraged to know that multiple Christians are invested and engaged together like this because when finances get tight and pressures mount, their bond helps them to endure in the work and there is no end in sight to the need.

This is an update concerning this work published at the beginning of 2019:

One of Patience’ brothers who also lives in Liberia helps occasionally but does not live on the property. Recently, he suggested that Patience consider buying a large van or bus to help facilitate the ministry. Not having transportation tends to create more labor and pressure. The kids must travel to school every day and there are errands that need to be run. In light of this and the many other needs, we would like our fellow Christians to pray as follows:

-That God will direct as to whether a vehicle should be purchased and if so, that He would show which vehicle to purchase and also provide the funds through His saints.

– That God will continue to provide the other on-going needs of the orphanage including the overflow to the many people who show up out of the blue looking for food to eat.

– That God will use Patience’ mother and sisters in teaching the gospel effectively to the orphans.

– That God will begin raising up some of the orphans to new life in Christ.

– That God will provide the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to those who are laboring so that the work continues and thrives.