Dearborn Bible Fellowship is a church that was “planted” under the direction of Grace Evangelical Fellowship in Taylor, MI.  Now that Dearborn Bible Fellowship is established, we consider ourselves a sister church to Grace Evangelical (now called Grace Church of Taylor) but independent. Though independent, Dearborn Bible Fellowship is accountable to any and all Christians in that we are accountable to God in accordance with His Word, the Bible. We invite all Christians to hold us accountable to God in accordance with His will expressed in the Bible. Our authority to conduct ourselves as Christians and as a Church is derived from the Bible alone. So, if any Christian ever observes our conduct or teachings in conflict with the Bible, they are invited to contact us in order to show us how we can better come in line with the Bible. 

Dearborn Bible Fellowship is not a 501C organization. But its finances are kept organized and made available to those who support it through annual reports or upon demand.