Ministry to Liberians

Click this to view Liberian children pictures taken in October, 2022.

Click this to view pictures taken in late May, 2022.

About 2012, as part of our door-to-door ministry, we met a family (with three young children) that had recently migrated to the United States from Liberia. The father is a Muslim and the mother claimed to be Christian, though she seemed far from the Lord at that time. Her name is Patience Marhaba and she responded well to the gospel. She has been a faithful member of Dearborn Bible Fellowship for several years.

Even before we met her, Patience had been sending money back to her mother in Liberia to help her take care of a few Liberian orphans. (In Liberia, since there are no welfare programs, orphans roam the streets doing whatever they can just to survive.) We believe that, in His providence, the Lord used Patience to make us aware of the conditions in Liberia so that as a church, we also would begin to help support not only the Liberian orphans, but also families in need of physical and spiritual support. The Lord has seen fit to increasingly use Patience, DBF and the Stones Cry Out ministry partners to touch the lives of several hundred people who now live in the Liberian bush not too far from Monrovia, Liberia.

The ministry to Liberian children centers around the new school that provides free education (grade 1 – 8 right now). The ministry to adults and families is spearheaded by Pastor Koon, who now oversees two churches in the area, and also provides some oversight of the school. The school ministry and the church ministry are intertwined and feed off each other to address the physical and spiritual needs of this community in Liberia. To view images and learn more about each of these connected ministries, click on the following links:

DBF, Patience and Stones Cry Out ministry involvement in the new “free” school

DBF, Patience and Stones Cry Out ministry support of the adult and families with Pastor Koon.